PIM-Tester: Vector-PIM NA-PIM1

Our product Vector-PIM allows you to perform calibrated complex PIM measurements. This instrument supports:

  • Accurate PIM measurements,
  • Localisation of IM-obstacles
  • Exact modelling of IM-defects,
  • Frequency, time and power sweeps,
The Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH and Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik introduced the first full vector PIM-tester. Vector-PIM allows accurate PIM-measurements including the detection of the distance to an IM-obstacle. This instrument provides for the first time the foundation to measure the complex transfer functions of different IM-sources. This information helps to identify IM-sources and to reduce the IM-defects.
The high accuracy is achieved with the novel VNA-calibration procedure Without Thru. Without Thru uses only one-port calibration standards (short, open, match, a comb generator, and a power sensor) at each port.
The software manages this calibration, the error correction, and supports various PIM-tests as well as different frequency, power and time sweeps.

Fig. 1: Photo of the full PIM laboratory set-up for vector measurements with a ZVA

More details to the product are to find in NonLin-IM NA-IM1, what controls the test-set.

Vector-PIM features in detail:

  • First non-linear multi-port S-parameter test system for vectorial measurements.
  • Supports all test-sets from Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik.
  • Special software supports three IM-test configurations.
  • The non-linear calibration procedures LMR for all multi-port VNAs and Without Thru for R&S-VNAs.
  • Allows the measurement of non-linear effects in an accurate and complex manner.
    • Phase values help to find the location of non-linear effect supported by a special software.
    • VNA phase information gives perfect time domain results for a very good modelling.
  • Supports frequency-, power- and time-sweep measurements
  • Fast and easy installation with pre-installed laptop or on your network analyzer.

Fig. 2: Photo of the full PIM industry set-up for vector measurements with a ZVA

The measurement performance

  • is based on a small PIM-magnitude-error of approximately 0.1-0.2 dB (scalar measurements have errors of 2 dB and more).
  • for the PIM-phase is based on a small error of typically 1°.
  • depends from the test-set (selectivity of filters) regarding the measurement time.
  • is depending from the measurement time (typically 3-10 seconds for one measurement sweep).
  • allows to find PIM-obstacles with a solution of 1-2cm (depends on bandwith of the test-set).
  • is based on a VNA which allows to support a typical dynamic of 157dBc.
  • allows the model the PIM-obstacles and to characterize the obstables in the different physical phenomenons.

We offer a system composed of

  • Rosenberger test-set (necessary),
  • Software with dongle and operation manual (necessary),
  • Laptop with LAN-connection to VNA (software installed),
  • ZVA-VNA from Rohde and Schwarz (we use also your ZVA or ZVM),
  • Coaxial calibration kit (7/16) from Rosenberger,
  • Power sensor from Rohde and Schwarz,
  • Calibrated comb-generator (necessary),
  • Industry rack with integrated comb-generator and power sensor.

Phase reference generators are for the following frequency ranges available:

  • SG 0615: 600 MHz - 1500 MHz,
  • SG 1024: 1000 MHz - 2400 MHz,
  • SG 1327: 1300 MHz - 2700 MHz,
  • SG 2633: 2550 MHz - 3250 MHz,
  • SG 3135: 3090 MHz - 3500 MHz,
  • SG 3542: 3500 MHz - 4200 MHz.

More information are available from Info@HHFT.de.

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