EMC Source SG-CG2

Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH offers the second generation of a broadband test-transmitter based on an improved comb generator and a broadband antenna.

Fig. 1: Cost efficient broadband transmitter, model number SG-CG2

The wideband comb generators of the SG-CG2 were developed for quick microwave receiving equipment test under various conditions. Quick and simple usage was one of the primary design goals. The SG-CG2 transmitters generate a crystal referenced fundamental frequency of 1.00 GHz and generate harmonics on whole-number multiples of the fundamental, up to 40 GHz and beyond, via non-linear elements. The generated frequency comb is then radiated by an internal wideband microwave antenna with an antenna gain of 0 dBi. A typical comb power output spectrum, measured at the antenna input, is presented in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2: Typical power output spectrum of SG-CG2, measured at the internal antenna input, frequency range DC - 44 GHz

Fig. 3: Typical power output spectrum of SG-CG2, measured at the BMC40-antenna output, freespace distance 1m, DC- 41 GHz


  • EMC-test in the GHz-range
  • Free space antenna tests and antenna measurements
  • Rapid test of measurement equipment, e.g. spectrum analyzer test
  • EMC source and EMC shielding tests
  • Rapid test of wideband receivers as well as broad band test equipment
  • Microwave RX intermodulation tests
  • Interference emission location & direction finding training


  • Comb generator with 1 GHz fundamental frequency
  • Usable harmonics up to 40+ GHz and beyond
  • Internal wideband antenna for increases ruggedness - no external precision microwave connectors necessary
  • Stand alone system with internal 9 V battery holder or external DC supply possible
  • Compact and rugged case, ideal for portable and field use
  • Internal low noise oscillator and high power comb oscillator


More information (price, etc.) are available from Info@HHFT.de.

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